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On the trail of the amphibian chytrid fungus in the Atlantic Forests of Brazil

Mycologist and Herbarium Assistant Curator of Fungi Timothy James traveled to Brazil from January through March, 2013 to work on several research projects involving aquatic or zoosporic fungi and to develop international collaborations.


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Three new chanterelle mushrooms discovered in the Midwest

Matthew Foltz,Cantharellus phasmatis a mycologist working at the herbarium on a project to digitize the fungal collection, has recently described three new species of prized-edible chanterelle mushrooms from the midwestern United States.


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Herbarium completes imaging and digitization of its type collections

Herbarium director Paul Berry recently announced that the University of Michigan Herbarium (MICH) has completed a five-year project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to image and database its rich holdings of type collections of plants and fungi.


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New additions for the Herbarium's Great Lakes holdings

The past ySolidago vossiiear saw the addtion of several important items to its holdings, including those from the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, the late Edward G. Voss's personnal herbarium and those from Gary J. Pierce's collection.


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"Michigan Botanist" Pays Tribute to Ed Voss

The MichProfessor Ed Vossigan Botanical Club’s peer-reviewed quarterly journal The Michigan Botanist has dedicated its current issue to Ed Voss, the former University of Michigan Professor of Botany and Herbarium Curator of Vascular Plants, who passed away February 13, 2012.


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NSF grant for Dick's Amazon biota research is part of a $4 million US-Brazil initiative

Professor Christopher Dick was awarded a $265,000 five-year grant from the National Science Foundation.


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Reznicek honored with MBC Lifetime Achievement Award

In recognition of Tony Reznicek receives awardDr. Tony Reznicek’s countless contributions to the understanding of Michigan plants and ecology and the Great Lakes Region, the Michigan Botanical Club has bestowed their Lifetime Achievement Award upon him.


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Legend from the world of Michigan botany, Edward G. Voss, dies, leaves the newly released Field Manual of Michigan Flora to extend his legacy

Edward VossEdward G. Voss, professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan, curator emeritus of vascular plants at the University Herbarium, and a legendary teacher at the U-M Biological Station, died on Monday, Feb. 13, 2012, just three days before the release of his latest book.


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New species of red algae named after Curator Emeritus, Michael J. Wynne

Michael WyneeA new species of red algae was named after Michael J. Wynne, Curator Emeritus (Algae), namely, Beringia wynnei, by Bridgette Clarkston of the University of New Brunswick, now at the University of British Columbia.


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NSF grants to digitize biological collections

Professor Timothy JaTime James and Richard Rabelermes and Rich Rabeler, assistant research scientist, have been awarded grants from the National Science Foundation as part of an initiative to integrate and digitize information for biologists, policy-makers and the general public.


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